Getting Locks Changed?


Are you thinking of changing the locks on your property?

If you’ve just moved into a new house, or live in a neighborhood that’s increasingly becoming prone to criminal activity, it might be high time you changed the locks on your house.  Getting locks changed is the first step in helping you feel safe in your own home. Thanks to locksmiths such as Lockout Squad Locksmiths, you can have your entire house lock system changed in one day.

When should you consider getting locks changed?

There are several circumstances in which we always advise people to get their locks changed. These include:

  • When you’ve lost your keys,
  • When you’ve recently moved into a new home,
  • When you’re going through a divorce, dispute, separation,
  • When you’ve suffered an attempted break in,
  • When you’ve misplaced your spare key,
  • When the locks are worn out and have been there for years.

If for any reason you feel unsafe in your house, getting locks changed might help considerably in restoring a sense of peace. You may also want to add additional security measures such as CCTV to help you monitor what’s happening in your backyard and porch area.

Who to hire to get locks changed?

If you’re thinking of getting house door locks changed, you will need to hire a local locksmith to do the job. Residents of Sydney can count on the Lockout Squad Locksmiths for lock replacements, key copying, and installation of cameras, intercoms, and other security features.

How to hire a good locksmith?

You want to work with a locksmith company that’s reputable, trustworthy, and competent. For this reason you should take time to ask for referrals from friends and family about such a locksmith. Do a background check on the locksmith leads you received. You can start by going through their websites and then scheduling a visit to clarify any questions you may have. Once you’re satisfied, and you’ve got a quote, you can proceed to sign the contract and the locksmith will get right to work changing your house locks.

Which locks should you get installed?

The home security market is inundated by so many locking systems and devices, some being very high end and expensive using bio-metric sensors. However, this is not to say that regular lock-and-key mechanisms are no longer in use. Talk to your locksmith to find out what your options are. In fact, you can have a combination of both high tech entry systems and old fashioned lock-and-key systems in different parts of your home if you so wish.

Locksmith near you in Sydney

Lockout Squad Locksmiths are here to help, offering a 24-hour locksmith service. Call us on 0425 000 888 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information. You can also drop by our shop located at Railway Station, Shop 1 Martin Pl, Sydney.