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How do Locksmiths Make Keys for Locks

We realise that our clients might be curious about our work and might want to know how do locksmiths make keys? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

Let’s look at the most popular techniques locksmiths use to make keys for locks.


Most of the locks come with a Factory Key Code which helps locksmiths to identify the unique structure of the right key for a specific lock. The code consists of a series of digits and alphabets. Professional locksmiths in Australia can identify the pattern by using this code to make the exact key for the lock.

A code cutter is the tool used for the identification of the pattern and cutting of the key.

If you have the key but it is not working because of its worn-out condition, a trained locksmith can use visual decoding technique to make a new key.

Lock disassembly

You can remove some locks from the door. In case of such locks, a locksmith may opt for lock disassembly. It takes time but is a reliable method of reverse-engineering the rods/pins of the lock. Once done, the locksmith will make the new key for the new pattern.


If you’ve got a set of old keys you don’t want replaced with a new locking system, locksmiths can duplicate these old keys for you through a process called casting. Casting is a very specialised processed that requires a particular skill set possessed by our team of highly trained locksmiths.

Traditionally, wax was used to cast a key but these days high-quality moulding clay is more frequently used because it takes less time to dry.

How do locksmiths make car keys?
What if you would like to know more about car keys?
How do locksmiths make car keys?

In order for locksmiths to make you a set of car keys, you need to be able to prove that you own the car. You must show the Vehicle Identification Number. Locksmiths have to provide their license to obtain the key code. Without a license, concerned authorities will never leak out the code.
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A reliable locksmith should be able to show you their license and their certification. Only work with certified and licensed locksmiths. The Lockout Squad Locksmith we’re here to help you regain access to your locked property. Call us any time.